Self Care: The bath becomes a portal to your healing.

Self Care: The bath becomes a portal to your healing.

There is something truly magical about being in water. The element of water strongly governs emotions and represents the divine feminine. When we look at the ocean, she is so multifaceted. On one hand healing, peaceful, and pure magic. On the other hand she can be destructive, volatile, and unpredictable. This I feel can represent us at times... which is no surprise since we are made up of mostly water.

I found solace in warm baths by candle light after my grandma passed away last January. It was a place for me to let my emotions flow and it almost gave the feeling of being held in the womb of the divine feminine. For a long time I have used the bathtub as a portal for my own healing and going within and I am delighted to share a bath ritual with you.



| T H E   R I T U A L |

Clear your bathroom of any lingering energies by smoke cleansing, affirmation, or aromatherapy. One of our room clearing sprays would be perfect.

2. Run your bath and add your choice of salts, flowers, herbs and water safe crystals. Light candles if you wish. Either one of our bath soaks would be perfect if you don't want to use your own salts etc. As you are adding these items, focus on your intention whether it be purification, self love, emotional healing, etc.

3. Call in your beautiful spiritual team to assist you with your intention. You can also listen to your favorite calming music.

4. Before you get in the bath you can say something like " This bath is a sacred space for (intention). In the highest divine light, may i release all that is no longer serving me and all that is hindering me from (intention). When I get out of this bath I will be on my highest timeline for the greatest and highest good of all. Thank you, it is so.

5. Next, get in your bath. Relax, ponder life, do energy work, talk to the universe/god/creator about your hopes, dreams, etc. Whatever resonates with you. Notice any messages coming in for you. I also like to pull cards for myself in the bath. When you are done and as the water is draining, imagine all that you released going down the drain also. Give thanks and gratitude and go about your day. If you used flower petals and herbs, I like to let them dry and then I just vaccume them out of the tub.

Wishing you all many blessings, 


- A


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