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Wild Moon Creations

Purify Clearing Spray

Purify Clearing Spray

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Clear your space and energetic field with our Clearing Room Sprays!

These sprays are made with high quality essential oils and crystals with the intention of clearing your space and energetic field of lower vibrational energy. Our sprays are a fantastic alternative to smoke cleansing and can be taken with you wherever your journey takes you. Simply set your intention, mist, give thanks and go!

Purify Clearing Room Spray is an uplifting blend of lavender, rosemary, and lemon to promote purification, joy, and happiness.

I have paired this spray with Citrine and Rutilated Quartz crystals to bring in high frequency energy, joy, happiness, and divine alignment.

These sprays aren't just for your sacred space, they can be used to freshen linens, pillowcases and more.

Please note that these are for external use only and not for use on the face and body

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