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Wild Moon Creations

Druzy Agate Geode Moons

Druzy Agate Geode Moons

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These dreamy Agate moons will make the perfect addition to any collection. 

| Spiritual Properties | 

Agates help us connect with our earth star chakra, helping us to be more grounded and present on our human journey. The energy of this stone is gentle yet supportive when going through times of change, emotional turmoil, and navigating the unknown waters of our experience here on earth. Agates also carry the frequency of Gaia. 

| Other Information on Agates | 

- Silicate mineral with many variations. 
- Formed within volcanic + metamorphic rocks. 
- Ancient Greek + Ancient Egyptian civilizations used Agates as amulets of healing. 
- In biblical times, Agates were associated with health, longevity, and wealth. 

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