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Wild Moon Creations

Full Moon Candle 8oz

Full Moon Candle 8oz

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Candles inspired by the phases of the moon! 

Each candle is made with corresponding crystals, intention and scent profile to embody the energy of the moon phases. 

All Wild Moon Creations candles are vegan/cruelty free & paraben/phthalate free. Made from a soy/coconut wax blend to give you a cleaner burn. 

Full Moon Candle: 

Scent: Sandalwood + Vanilla 
Strength: Soft 
Crystals: Moonstone + Aura Quartz 
Keywords: Intuition - Release - Healing 

Personality traits of those born under this moon phase: 
You are creative, intuitive, logical and have a powerful presence. Balancing emotions and energies is important for you because you may find that you get overwhelmed easily. When in balance you can see all sides of the situation and make descisions accordingly. Shine bright and express your creativity, its one of your super powers.

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