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Wild Moon Creations

New Moon Candle 8oz

New Moon Candle 8oz

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Candles inspired by the phases of the moon! 

Each candle is made with corresponding crystals, intention and scent profile to embody the energy of the moon phases. 

All Wild Moon Creations candles are vegan/cruelty free & paraben/phthalate free. Made from a soy/coconut wax blend to give you a cleaner burn. 

Full Moon Candle: 

Scent: Tobacco + Vanilla 
Strength: Moderate
Crystals: Labradorite + Amethyst 
Keywords: Intentions - Beginnings - Introspection

Personality traits of those born under this moon phase: 
Those born under the new moon are very adventurous, love starting new projects and are extremely creative. Other personality traits include harmony between heart and mind, you are optimistic and this is what draws others to you. You may have trouble with not finishing projects, but remaining grounded can assist with that.

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